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Harmonious Workplaces

Visit this blog at for information about I-O Psychology, organizational development, change management, strategic human resources, and leadership.

Society of Evidence-Based Organizational Consulting

These articles feature content pertaining to the psychology of work:

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These publications feature various topics pertaining to HR, entrepreneurship, business development, communications, I-O psychology, and more.

WorkCookie Podcast

This weekly podcast ranks as the #1 Industrial-Organizational Psychology podcast on the Internet.

  1. Episode 187 Decision Dynamics: Igniting Group Choices for Success:
  2. Episode 185  Cultivating a Culture of Empowerment: Employee Engagement:
  3. Episode 184 Positive Psychology at Work: Cultivating Flourishing Teams:
  4. Episode 183 Mindfulness and Mental Resilience: Nurturing Employee Well-Being:
  5. Episode 178 Sustainability Leadership: Ethical Leadership in the Age of Purpose:
  6. Episode 173 The Role of I/O Psychologists in Space Exploration and Extraterrestrial Workforce:
  7. Episode 172 Virtual Reality in Training and Development: Redefining Learning:
  8. Episode 171 Embracing the Gig Economy: The Rise of On-Demand Talent:
  9. Episode 169 Intrapreneurship in I/O Psychology: Driving Innovation within Organizations:
  10. Episode 147 Implementing Workforce Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making in HR (Panel + Audience):
  11. Episode 145 Developing and Implementing Competency Frameworks for Performance Management (Panel + Audience): 
  12. Episode 143 Designing and Conducting Effective Employee Surveys for Organizational Diagnosis (Panel + Audience): 
  13. Episode 140 Data Literacy: Building Competence in Data Analytics and Interpretation (Panel + Audience): 
  14. Episode 135 Data Literacy: Building Competence in Data Analytics and Interpretation (Panel + Audience): 
  15. Episode 137 Part 2: How AI Can Help Humans Become Communicators Through I/O Psychology Principles (Panel + Audience): 
  16. Episode 134 Transformation of Business Through AI (Panel + Audience):